Simplicity, light colors, right color combination and beautiful photos which can tell the customer the whole story – this is web design of business-oriented projects in 2018. If you try to get an inspiration, just open websites of the most valuable brands in the world – such as Apple. In this article, we are going to show you three best designs we found all over the web and which we are fascinated with.

3. Stripe

Blue, green, white and grey – perfect combination. The first thing coming to your mind: This solution is absolutely clean and smooth! And guess what? You do want your gateway to work clean and smooth! Even though Stripe doesn’t use any photo on their homepage, it doesn’t bring any cons. Visit the website.

2. Clubhouse

Very simple and elegant again. Besides its incredible design, Clubhouse is for sure one of the fastest websites in the whole internet. Visit Clubhouse.

1. Lingo

The first place belongs to a startup from the US. They combine red and white color. Like Stripe, they also use a lot of box-shadow on the homepage which symbolizes the smoothness. Visit Lingo’s website.