They decided to follow their dreams. One they, the went out of their comfort zone, gave up their jobs and sort of security in form of a stable income. Everyone is different but something they have in common: passion for photography. We introduce you TOP independent photographers around the globe who make the world better every day.

Viktor Hanacek

Viktor is from the Czech Republic, Europe. He was running his first business already at high school. He learned how to code and program. As a web designer, Viktor realized how important beautiful images are for every website and started to connect with photo banks, such as Shutterstock, where he could have sold his images and got a certain provision for each image sold.

However, everyone refused his photos due to lack of quality. Looking back, he claims to be happy that he had been rejected because it motivated him to start his own project with free photos for commercial use. Nowadays, Viktor’s Picjumbo is visited by over a million visitors a month and from the qualitative point of view, there is no other websites offering free images in better quality.

Viktor Hanacek’s images


Alecsandra’s specialization is portrait photography. Today, she is freelancing for brands like Guardian and National Geographic. Unlike Viktor, Dragoi has also a photographic background. She studied photography at prestige universities. During her short career, she managed to collect a lot of awards, including Making Pictures Award by Source Magazine.

As she writes on her websiteIn my eyes, the best photographer is the one who transforms an intense moment into a still image.

Take a look at her portfolio.