To promote your business on social networks is a must. In some case, they have replaced traditional firm’s websites. On social networks, people spent a great portion of time every day, which is a perfect opportunity to catch their attention. Below is the list of TOP 5 social networks according to number of users.

5. WeChat

WeChat is a Chinese social network with over a billion active users. If you plan to attract Chinese customers, WeChat could be the right platform to be active on.

4. Messenger

Since you can use messenger without being active on Facebook, it is also considered to be a separated social network. Moreover, there is already an advertising system insight messenger. In October 2018, there were 1.3 billion active users which is a bit more than 50% of all Facebook active users.

3. WhatsApp

In many cases just another competitor of Messenger. However, Facebook takes huge advantage since both apps belong to the same company.

2. YouTube

Google also has its footprint in TOP 5 but significantly loses against Facebook. YouTube has “only” 1.9 billion users which is much less than all social networks in Facebook group. On the other hand, first two most visited websites worldwide are both owned by Google. Facebook loses even the 3. position in the US against Amazon and stays the 4.

1. Facebook

Facebook is of course Nr. 1 and it doesn’t seem to be different in next years. It is also the only social network with over 2 billion active users.

Source: Statista

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