Coffee is one of the most popular soft drinks in the world. However, there are still huge nations which are not fully familiar with coffee. For instance, Starbucks had to change their product portfolio when entering the Chinese market. Tea is still Nr. 1 the most populated Asian country.

The most coffee per capita drink Dutch citizens. An average Dutch drinks over 260 liters a year. The second place belongs to Finland, third is Canada.

Most of the coffee beans come from Latin America. Among the biggest exports, we would find Columbia, Mexico and Caribbean countries.

Coffee and mainly its production often criticized for several reasons. The first one is the environmental effect, particularly the plant’s need of huge amounts of water. However, many of us cannot imagine our day without a cup (and more) of coffee.

Below are the most beautiful free images of coffee

Coffee beans and white cup from the top

Espresso in a white cup

Coffee beans top vies

Small white cup full of coffee beans

Coffee beans in circle