Both are very popular and used by millions of professionals and amateurs around the world. The answer the question, which program is a better one, depends on qualities we want to compare. There are many people saying that BMW is a better car than Fiat as well as many others claiming the opposite. Do we consider price or performance? Do we want to create a stunning web design or just amend the brightness of an image? Depending on your needs, each user will answer the question for him/herself.


Gimp is an open-source software which originally comes from Linux. Nowadays, it is available for all OS. Unlinke Photoshop, Gimp is a non-commercial project and, everyone can download its full version for free. For these reasons, you can find Gimp at schools very often. It is also popular among those who would not use all functionalities of Photoshop and want to have a legal installed alternative on their computer.


The key element in which both platforms differ, is that Photoshop is a huge business. Adobe’s yearly revenues (company responsible for Photoshop) are measured in billions of dollars. Together with Ligtroom, Ilustrator, Dreamweaver and others, Adobe contributes in daily lives of most of the web designer, coders, photographers, video editors and graphic designers.

According to Forbes list of the most valuable brands, Adobe belongs the 80th place. Since there are often more people working on one project (typically when designing a website), who’s roles are separated, Photoshop offers better connectivity between programs used – for instance – by a designer and coder.



We can compare Gimp and Photoshop in numbers. Nowadays, Photoshop is only available as part of the Creative Cloud package. With subscription, you can access some or all of Adobe’s programs. In 2017, Creative Cloud had about 12 million paying subscribers. However, we don’t know how many of them use Photoshop. In addition, there are a lot of Photoshop users who don’t pay and use the software illegally.

Unlike Adobe, Gimp makers don’t have any access to quantity of people who actually use Gimp. We can only speculate how popular the program is. According to Alexa Rank, the official website – – is in TOP 10.000 most visited websites.