All images on are under Creative Commons Zero licence. You can use all images for free, for both personal and commercial use.

You are allowed to:

  • use the images for your personal purpose (wallpapers, school projects,…)
  • use the images for commercial purpose (web design, graphic design, restaurant menus, …)
  • use the images without asking permission (however, we will appreciate credit with a link to photographer’s profile on PicFoods)

You can find more information about CC0 licence here.


How can I trust you that the images are free and not stolen?
We personally check every uploaded photo. We search everywhere on the web in order to find out if the photographer is really the author of the photo. We can therefore guarantee that 100% images on PicFoods are under CC0 license.

Can I sell the images?
We don’t recommend you selling the images since they’re free. It is not a legal but an ethical problem.

Can I use the photos on my website?

Can I use the photos on any printed materials?

Can I use the images in my presentation at school?

Do I have to mention the source of an image?
No, but any link back to the photographer’s profile on PicFoods would be appreciated.

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