Melanie Dompierre is a talented young mom who loves taking foodies pics. Her contributions belong to the most awesome photos on PicFoods. If you would like to cook some of the beuty, you should definitely visit her blog Skillets and Pots. Jakub, our editor, decided to make a short interview with Melanie.

Hi, Melanie! Tell me something about you, please. When and why did you start with photographing?

Hello Jakub, what to say about me, I was born in Quebec and now live North of Montreal, in the mountains. I am a game designer and a part time food blogger/food photographer.

I was always a big fan of photography, since my trips to Cuba, ages ago:) I love capturing unexpected moments and beautiful scenery. But since I am a very busy mom, I did not have the chance to travel much.

But every time I have a chance to take a photo, I am shooting away. Recently after years of longing for my own cooking book, I decided it was time before I am too old. You see I am a huge food lover, I create pretty much all my recipes with what I can find in my fridge. A few years ago, I even self published a small cookbook on Amazon, not a big success, but the people that bought it found it useful. And again I wanted to create another cookbook, but I decided to go all out and I started my own food blog. It was because of this that I picked up the passion for food photography. For me food photography is like another way to travel to some exotic places through the food.

How is living in Canada? What is the traditional Canadian food?

I love Canada, it’s a great and safe place to live. I am living in the province of Quebec, French speaking province of Canada, and our food culture is a little bit different from the rest of Canada.

If you read through some cooking books of Quebec, you will find recipes like Ragoût de Pattes de Cochon (pork leg stew), Pate Chinois (sheppard pie), Tourtière (meat pie),Fèves au Lard (lard beans), Tarte au Sucre (sugar pie) and our famous Poutine! But I have to say that today, even though some of us are still cooking these recipes, we in Quebec have a reputation to have the most various and delicious food you can find in Canada. People from Ontario, British Columbia and even France come here to try our food and replicate back home:) We are adventurous people when it comes to food!

What would be your dream destination regarding food?

I would like to try prosciutto entrée in Rome on a terrace, a pizza in Naples, sausages and sauerkraut in Germany, chocolate in Switzerland, beer in Prague, and pasta and wine in Tuscany!

What is your motivation to take food photography?

I take food photography, because it my way to explore the world through food and it is an artistic way to express myself.

What equipment do you use?

I started by using my iPhone, which I soon enough found out that it was not that kind of pictures I wanted to do. So, soon after, I bought a Canon EOS Rebel T6i, which was a mistake, I chose that one because of the price, but regretted that I did not have a full frame. But after the Holidays, many companies were advertising Canon cameras at a deep discount, so I jumped on the occasion and finally found by favorite device. I am now shooting with my Cannon EOS 6D MarkII, which I adore!!!

I am using a 50 mm prime lens and a 100 mm prime macro lens, for most of my shots. I kept my Canon EOS Rebel T6i, for video shooting, or when I want to go outside for a walk and take picture of the mountains.

We can see a big progress in your food photography. Would you give some advice to someone who wants to begin with food photography?

Well thank you, I have to agree with you. I don’t like my older pictures, and now I have to redo my older recipes just to remake my pictures! (LOL)

My advice for those who start in food photography are: read all about food photography, read your camera manual, watch as many tutorials as you can find. There are great photographer channels on Youtube and they offers great tips and tricks on how to start as a food photographer. Also, if you do take this passion seriously, it is essential to invest in some photography classes, and ask for feedback from other photographers about your pictures, to improve the quality of your images. And based on these critics, re-shoot, redo, practice and ask again:)

Thank you

Your welcome it was my pleasure