Images are crucial for web designers, bloggers, graphic designers, social media managers and e-shops. Of course, most of them on the internet cannot be used for free. Even though there are sources like Shutterstock, where you can buy stunning images and use them even for commercial purposes, not everyone is ready to pay such prices, especially those who start on their own.

Fortunately, there is enough sources of free images you can use without paying and mentioning the source. Most of them are released under CC0 license, which means that you can even redistribute them. Yet some of the sites changed their policy and no longer publish the photos under CC0 since. They don’t want similar websites to copy them. However, you should be justified to use the images for free.

Below is the list of the best free images websites:

1. PicFoods

If you look for free stunning photos for your food blog, restaurant web design and other projects related to food, PicFoods is the right choice. The community-driven website offers thousands of free food images in high resolution. All of them are released under CC0 licence, so you can use the images as you would have taken them yourself.

2. Picjumbo

Picjumbo is a project by Viktor Hanacek who started to create websites as he was 14. His free stock images can be considered as the best on the internet. Viktor also offered premium packages with premium stock images – payments are on monthly/annual basis.

Viktor taking a picture

3. Pixabay

The German website is one of the biggest but sometimes it has lack of quality of published images. If you look for the best free images, Pixabay shouldn’t be your first choice.

4. Pexels

Pexels is based on images from other websites as Pixabay – it looks like the images were just copied. However, Pexels offers much more quality and requirements are higher for an image to be published.

5. Kaboompics

Kaboompics is a project by Polish photographer Karolina Grabowska. It is a great alternative to big sites like Pixabay and Pexels.

6. Jeshoots

Another great source of free stock images. All of them are taken by Jan Vasek from Prague, Czech Republic.