Everyone loves food. And most of use love even food photos. We are surrounded by them every day on social networks like Instagram and Facebook. It’s also not only about photos, also food video recipes are very popular.

How to stop consuming this content and become a content creator? Have you ever thought about it? Well, if now, you should! You can become a real start in the industry of food bloggers, cooperate with the best brands and earn thousands of dollars from your blog and social networks.

Where to download free food images

There are several websites on the internet where you can download free food images for free. They are mostly released under CC0 license which basically means that you can use them for both commercial and personal use. Commercial usage includes web design, graphic design, textile print and so on.

If you are looking for a source of great free food images, be sure to check PicFoods with hundreds of high-quality food images which you can download for free without any limit. Since PicFoods is a community driven website, you can also contribute with your own photos if you are a photographer.

Where to download high quality images

Before answering this question, you should answer another one: Are you ready to pay for these images? If you are willing to pay, you can check websites like Shutterstock where you can purchase an image. You can also choose a plan with given number of images you can download each month. Quality of these images is very high. However, you have to pay for them.

If you answer is no, you can basically search on website which offer high quality images for free. Examples are provided in the list below:

  • PicFoods – high quality free food images under CC0 license
  • PicJumbo – nice free images by Viktor Hanacek, a Czech photographer
  • Pexels – high-quality images released under special Pexels license

Where to upload images

Photographing is one of the most popular hobbies. Nearly everyone can purchase a high-quality camera which can take stunning pictures. Of course, it doesn’t only depend on technique.

But what if you happen to have dozens or hundreds of photos and you would like to publish them somehow? Of course, you can use social networks as Facebook and Instagram but your photos may get lost there. In fact, there is no direct search possibility. You can only search for hashtags, authors of images and maybe place where the photo was taken.

However, you can still publish your photos on websites as PicFoods and Pixabay where you can also help other creatives who look for free images. You can find complete list of similar websites in the previous chapter.

How to make food photos

You have already seen thousands of food photos on Instagram for sure. Some of them are very nice, other ones are not as nice. But how to make the same stunning food photos?

The most important thing is training. You have to practice a lot in order to take professional food photos.

It all starts with light. As for any other kind of photography, you need to choose the right time for your session. Ideally, you take the pictures during the day when daylight help you with the photography.

How to become food blogger

It all sounds very nice – you cook delicious dishes and take photos of them. It makes your living and you no longer have to go to work and spend 8 hours a day in an office doing things you don’t like doing. So how to become a food blogger?

Start to write your own recipes or cook according to recipes you find on the internet. Don’t forget to take pictures because they are the key element of every food blogger. Try to be different than other food bloggers. Originality is your weapon, it’s your way to success.

Which camera is the best for food blogger?

As a food blogger, you are going to take pictures of food on regular basis. Maybe, you have already been thinking about purchasing your camera for food blogging – food blogger camera. Which camera brand is the best?

There are several companies which belong to the most popular in the world. You can check the most popular camera brands worldwide in this article.  All of them have one feature in common, they are originally from Japan. The Asian country is Nr 1 in the entire photography industry.

You can start with Nikon, Canon and Olympus. Sony also produces very high-quality cameras you can also use and food blogger.

Photo blog on WordPress – is it possible?

When being a food blogger, you have to have a platform for publishing your photos and recipes. Sure, you can do it on Instagram as well as on other social networks. However, it’s much harder to get some money from these platforms. Usually, you only use them for getting some traffic to your main platform. This should be your website.

Which website system should you use? First of all, the website should be nice, quick and google and other search engines should like it. WordPress for a photo blog is an ideal solution. It is for free and with a theme like Divi, you can create a lot without being an expert in the field.

How to make money with food blog?

When you are in a situation of actually having plenty of visitors a day, you might think about getting some money from your food blog. In fact, there are several options how to make money. See the list below:

  • AdSense and other platform for monetization → AdSense if powered by Google is considered as the best system among all of them
  • selling some products on your blog → you can also use your food blog for selling physical/virtual products
  • sharing affiliate links → affiliate link is a link you put on your website and try to persuade people to click on the link; once they purchase a product on the linked website, you get a provision